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Embroidery design perfect placement

The secret to perfect embroidery design placement is all in the planning. Sticky paper and templates are the key. Remember to center your design in your software before you “save it as”.  Print off a template and tape it to your garment to set the stage. Stand back and look at the effect before you […]

Perfect Placement of embroidery is now available

Designs in Machine Embroidery has been hard at work revising Perfect Placement to be a very valuable tool and software to use with your machine embroidery of garments. Using sticky paper in the hoop, you will embroider the garment outer shape on the sticky paper.  Next you can perfectly place the shirt collar or cuff or […]

New Sewing, Knitting, Crochet and Quilting Classes at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has a brand new class schedule ready for February, March and April at Hancock in Salisbury, MD. To encourage our beginner Knitter’s and Crochet students I have started a Crochet and Knitting circle to meet a few times a month at Hancock Fabrics.  Each meeting is $15.00 and you will receive the […]

Stitch it Straight and Snap Ease

Stitch It Straight is formerly the Embroider’s Friend!  This is a great tool for the person who loves machine embroidery and is looking for a tool to make positioning more professional and accurate. The “Stitch it Straight” holds all brands and sizes of hoops exactly in position and perfectly straight for all flat items and […]

Quilting by embroidery machine

I have some great quilt designs for you to download for free.  These designs are all in the .xxx format so you will have to reformat them with your embroidery software.  The collection is too extensive for me to add conversions. Once you take a look at these designs you will love them as much […]

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