Sewing Baskets at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Sewing Baskets make a great holiday gift. Of course they will hold your sewing equipment but they also can be made into a “baby basket” gift, a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift, even a “Christmas treat” basket.

We have loaded a video on our web site to give a you inspiration about the wonderful baskets available. Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers small, medium and large baskets and sewing caddies. Measurements are all on line and the baskets even come with an inside sewing tray. Several larger baskets have 2 trays, one for your sewing machine feet and one for your sewing scissors and equipment.

Consider a sewing basket a life long investment, especially for the beginner sewer. I have used my sewing basket for 30 years. It is a permanent home for my pins, hand sewing needles, embroidery floss, safety pins, pin cushion and tape measure. We invite you to introduce the love of sewing to a brand new sewer

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