Singer Futura Quintet – article #1

I have been using my brand new Futura Quintet and have played with the endless hoop. I thought you might like to see what I have discovered.

Below see the Fonts I now have with the Quintet software.

I have also posted the steps of the endless hoop. The first task is to cut and stabilize the strip of fabric used in the endless hoop embroidery. I used a tear away product called “Fuse and Tear”.  Comes on a roll 6″ wide which is perfect for the hoop.  My embroidery was a built-in design I duplicated in the endless embroidery field so I embroidered 2 borders at one time. I will add a software demonstration at a later time so you can see that you can change the size of the embroidery field within the hoop.
lettering 1 stabilizer




















I marked a center line on the fabric strip with a washaway marker to make hooping the fabric easier.  To start, remove the hoop from your machine and then turn on the Futura Quintet with the embroidery unit attached. The machine will center. Slide on the endless hoop. You will attach the hoop.  Slide your fabric into the hoop. Align the top and bottom center lines of your fabric to the hoop. Clamp the hoop down to hold the fabric in position. Turn on the software. You will see endless hoop design field displayed. Load your design. Send the design. The machine will align to the top edge. (For the very first hooping of your design you might have to touch the straight stitch button so the design hops to the top of the hoop.)  Turn off the cutting button. This keeps your top thread from unthreading when you start embroidering and a jump stitch occurs.The first design will sew and make  L at each side of top and bottom of the design for you to align with. When the design is finished EH L will appear in the machine screen. Input the location of the first L location by making your needle point to the L intersection. To do this slide your fabric forward to the next hooping location and align the center markings. Use the arrows to move the needle to the correct location. You will input the needle location by touching OK. Input both sides and the EH + will indicate the design center. make sure the cutter is OFF. You are ready the embroider and repeat for each hoop set.

2 center line 3 stitching border 4 double border 5 second border 6 touch any button 7 line up with machine 8 line up second L 9 OK line up of second side enter OK


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