The ABC embroidery system

ABC embroidery systems has a great way to save you time and money when you embroider. The tools offered make positioning easy and fast. The Snappy makes the hooping effortless and precise. The Embroider’s friend and the Hoopmates offer you a way to do positioning and hooping over and over again using a system that duplicates good results every time. The Embroidery Buddy gives you guidelines on where to place the embroidery without having to try it on a person. No more embroidery ending up under an arm pit or too low or too high. Depending on your size, you can achieve perfect alignment every time.

ABC offers several video’s to show how the product work. Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers each product at a value price. Take a look and see.
The Embroiderer’s Hoop Mates has 3 standard and one optional intechangeable front plus an elevated heavy duty base for super quick and easy loading, hooping and removal of all garments. The Hoop Mates.

Embroidery Buddy:
The Buddy is a must have product for all embroider’s. It provides perfect industry standard positioning for left chest, center front and other embroidery placements. 

Embroidery Friend: The Embroiderers Friend holds all brands and sizes of hoops exactly in position and perfectly straight for all flat items and women and mens garments up to mens 3X. Also included in this.

Snappy: The Snappy eases the stress of hand hooping with household embroidery machine hoops. It cuts the fatigue of hooping, reduces the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome and simplifies alignment of your work.

Stabil hold: Tape and adhesive sprays are no longer needed to hold stabilizer in place of hooping. The Stabil Hold’s strong magnetic clamp holds your stabilizer perfectly in position and ready for hooping.

EZ Frame: The Medium Size EZ Frame will work with all brands of hoops of the size commonly referred to as 5″ x 7″ even though the actual size of these hoops is somewhat bigger than 5″ x 7″.

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