The Sewing Room Cat!

banditHere is the first article I wrote for my sewing blog. Can you believe it was written in 2006?

Are you a cat person? If you are you must have a sewing room cat. The actions of the sewing room cat are at time hilarious, interesting and a lot of the time aggravating. I have had several sewing room cats so I should know. I have a love / hate relationship with my cat and would like to share it with you. If you have a story, please share it so I know I am not crazy when I talk to my friends about the strange behavior of my cat.

bandit the cat 2The current resident is Bandit. His favorite perch right now is the ironing board. He springs up on the ironing board with much fan fare and meows his arrival. If I ignore him he will sleep on the ironing board for hours as I create. If Bandit gets bored he has a habit of climbing onto my computer keyboard or laying in front of my machine. This indicates it is time to quit because he will not move until I do get up and leave the sewing room. If I try to trick him by closing the door he howls just outside. I give up and go play with him for about 15 minutes and then he is satisfied and let’s me sew again.


If it was not for the cat hair, litter crumbs and hair balls this would be a perfect relationship. He is certainly great company and I would miss him if he did not come to visit me in the sewing room.

If you have a hairy friend like my cat Bandit, tell us about your relationship.

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