The walking foot or “even feed” foot

Even Feed Foot
evenfeedFPOThe Even Feed Foot has its own set of feed dogs that work in conjunction with the machine’s feeding system to improve the flow of the fabric. This is particularly important when sewing several layers of fabric, such as in quilting. The Even Feed Foot “pulls” the top layer or layers of fabric through at the same speed as the machine’s feed dogs are pulling the bottom layer or layers of fabric. This is also valuable in matching plaids or stripes, and in sewing pile types of fabrics such as velours and ultra-suede. Jenny’s Sewing Studio has on-line instruction to show you the benefit of the walking foot. Take advantage of our 8 piece walking foot set. It it now on sale for the price of a walking foot and includes 7 other presser feet which is a $99 value!

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