Tips on Embroidery Stabilizers

I just got rather good stabilizer tips article and thought I would pass on some of the information.

For embroidery projects, applique saves time sewing time by covering areas with cut out fabric shapes that would otherwise be filled with large, time consuming embroidery fill stitching. This is typically done with large letters, and the technique can be seen everywhere from athletic wear to school logos on sweatshirts to souvenirs.  Applique is not only time-saving but attractive, is easier on the garment, and requires very little special technique. 

The Singer logo is a great design for the Singer enthusist! I have loaded the design for you to download in the XXX and FHE Futura formats. I used sticky paper to make my Singer appliques. Stick the background fabric to the sticky paper and sew the the design and then cut out the logo. For the background fabric I used jeweled gold metallic. Another fabric color I have seen the design stitched out in is gold or yellow.

Monogrammed Towels
Towels are common, highly desirable items to monogram or decorate with embroidery, and the special techniques for embroidering on towels is simple:  (1) place a piece of water-soluble topping in the hoop over the towel to prevent the “pile” of the terrycloth from poking through the embroidery and (2) Use higher density and stitch underlay in the digitizing.  Also, for heavier towels, be sure that the hoop is secured tightly and support the hanging portion of the towel on a shelf or chair to minimize the risk of the garment unhooping.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers a variety of stabilizers. For the beginner we offer a starter kit. For refills we also offer stay fresh tubes.

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