Update on Jenny after surgery

My surgery went very well. Every one’s payers helped me and reached my doctors skilled hands. Thank you to all who texted and emailed me and sent me cards! The positive energy was felt. My surgery was long and intensive, it lasted 3 ½ to 4 hours. I have 3 new cadaver discs at C5, C6 and C7 and screws and a plate holding it all together. Instead of being infirmed for 6 weeks, I was able to come out of surgery with a soft collar. In recovery I reached up and had a hard collar on and heard my Doctor tell the nurse to put a soft collar on me. I reached my hand up to where I thought he was and thanked him. The bandages come off on September 22nd.  I go to see the doctor on September 29th. I was able to walk around the surgical floor within 4 hours of getting to the ward and was able to go home the next morning before noon. I am pretty sure they wanted to clear all patients out of the hospital asap right now.  I deem everything a miracle. I can tell you it was scary, but I do not regret starting the process to better health. I pray to be walking better in the future. I still have the lumbar surgery to go through when I heal from this, but I am one step closer. By the way, I learned that you need to take the pain meds. The pain overwhelmed me on the 3rd day. I could not even type on the computer and coughing was excruciating.  The doctor and I worked out a scheduled to get back to an almost pain free environment. I also did too much the first day home. I can not tell you I am used to staying quite and resting. I soon learned what that did to me, so I learned to listen to the rest requirement for a while.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon. The weather is nice now and I can walk to the mailbox and back with a cane each morning and evening. I hope to be able to walk down the street soon.

Have a great Fall!