Updates on the Irish Chain lesson and Tee shirt Quilts at Jenny’s

I hope you enjoyed my lesson on how to start the Irish Chain baby quilt. I have updated the instructions to include a lesson on making block #2 and assembly of the quilt. My next lesson will show how the borders were made and applied. The Irish Chain has been a challenging project, especially when I only had so much fabric from my stash to use. Seems like the on-line fabric stores are slow to ship and back ordered on a lot of supplies right now.

If you would like to take a “One on One” class on how to sew the Irish chain I will place the class on my schedule. Here is a link.

Since the fabrics are in short supply a friend of mine gave me a few tee shirts to make a wall quilt for her bedroom. She had about 20 tee shirts. I was lucky to find some fusible stabilizer from my embroidery supplies to use on the back of the tee shirts so I could piece them into the quilt. Fusible knit stabilizers also seem to be on back order. Who knew Covid 19 would cause so many sewing machines to come out of the closet. One of these days all the fabric I ordered will come in and I will be able to get out.

Cancelled- On June 23rd at 2:00 I am scheduled to do a Summer Institute class at the MAC center on Tee shirt quilts. I now have a great sample. to show and a few new ideas. I hope you will make a plan to be there. I hope the “Stay at Home order” will be lifted and allow all to come and enjoy the event.

Stay Safe! Jenny