Mahjong with Kay


The last few months have been a challenge but my friend Kay has helped me keep up with Mahjong and play the new 2020 mahjong card. I am getting a lot of practice playing 2 handed Mahjong because we can not get a table of 4 player together right now. All of us are well over 65 but it does not mean we can not have fun or do not wish to socialize. I thought I would share how we are playing 2 handed Mahjong.

Each of us play 2 racks at one time. Each player places two empty racks in front of them. I then place a pusher it front of the outside rack and build a wall of 19 tiles 2 rows deep. I then place another pusher in front of the first pusher and build another wall 19 tiles long x 2rows deep.  (Both players do this).

We then throw the dice to see who breaks the first wall. We have been keeping it simple. Who ever wins the dice roll pushes the whole out wall out instead of breaking it. The dealer then divides the pushed out row into groups of 4 titles at a time and place the 4 titles to each rack until all racks have 12 titles. The dealer gets 4 additional titles and the opposite player gets 3 to add to the racks. Walls are pushed out from each side as the titles are divided. The 2 players then arrange the tiles in familiar groups and try to make hands based on the 2020 card. Mahjong is a group of 14 tiles that match the card. It is called a hand. To win you need 2 Mahjongs.  Once we have arranged our racks we start playing. The dealer throws out a tile and the 2nd player draws a new tile from the wall in the middle of the table. The player who draws then discards unless the have Mahjong. The game continues until someone wins.

I love it because I can learn the card so much faster. The diversion is what is needed right now.

I will share how I play virtual bridge next time. Life has it challenges but there are ways to overcome!