Water Soluble Topping

It is time to sew for Christmas.  My Santa’s workshop is in full swing. This year I have narrowed my gift list and am cutting costs. Personalized gifts are definitely the way to go for me. I have my “embroidery only” machine out and set up to do Christmas stocking for all the new babies and children in the family. I was going to make the stockings from scratch but I found stockings at Hobby Lobby that were 40% off. They were so cute and the cost was so agreeable, I decided to just add the embroidered name to the top cuff. It was a real time saver.

When doing embroidery on felt, fleece and knits, a topper is needed. On my stocking project I “floated” the water soluble topper and used pins to hold the topper in place. Floating means I did not hoop the topper but let it float on top of the stocking surface. The topper keeps the embroidery from sinking into the fabric. The topper will rip off easily once the embroidery is finished.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has a great clearance sale on water soluble topper while stock lasts.