3 D embroidery and autopunch digitizing

My challenge was a serger  quilt.  One of my students was learning to use her serger and wanted to learn quilting. We picked a quilt from Eleanor Burns quilt book called “Quick Trip”. My student, Mary loved the underwater colors. The quilt is so easy because we used the 3/4 serger stitch to piece the strips and complete our quilt. a 3/4 serger stitch is a perfect 1/4″ seam.

Once the top of the quilt was completed, we decorated. Immediately I thought about expressing part of my quilt designs in embroidery.  Using the autopunch feature, I created the topical fish design for my Singer Futura. I have saved the designs for you in XXX, and PES in case this is a project you would like to do.

Notice I embroidered the fish on a cutway stabilizer. I then cut out my fish and applied them to the quilt using a stippling technique. This was so easy to do and lots of summer fun.

You can make clip art into instant embroidery for your machine as easily as I did. Stitch N Sew software works for all embroidery machine and the auto punch comes with editing so you can touch up your embroidery if it does not come out perfect the first time. Add texture and lace effects too.

Buy the power pack which includes the photo and cross stitch plus editing or buy the autopunch by itself which is the stand alone autopunch with editing.

Here is my finished quilt.

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