Creative Feet makes your sewing machine more creative!

Creative Feet fit all sewing machines that have a zigzag stitch. Even though there are only 3 Creative Feet, they are able to do over 88 different techniques. Jenny’s Sewing Studio is having a great sale on Creative feet so check it out!

Creative Feet have proudly been featured on Sewing T.V.shows such as: Sewing with Nancy, Sew Perfect, America Sews, Kaye’s Quilting Friends, Quilt in a Day, Aleene’s Creative Living, Home Shopping Network/HSN.

Normally sewing machine feet are designed to do only 1 sewing technique and when they work well they can make sewing much easier. Each of the Creative Feet, do over 20 different techniques!  Please read the list of techniques that the 3 Creative Feet allow you to easily achieve, using any brand make or model of zig zag sewing machine listed below:

Satinedge Foot
Appliqué Enhancements
Appliqué (Satin Stitch)
Blanket stitch appliqué
Binding (No stitches showing when done)
Blind Hems
Edge stitching
Charted needle design (without needles)
Corded Edges
Cutwork (without a hoop)
Echo Stitching
Edge joining
Feather Stitch Appliqué
Fishing line edges
Great for joining edges for fabric bowls.
Inside Curves
Invisible Appliqué
Lettuce edges
Over casting
Pin tucking (Authentic French style)
Petite Appliqué
Stitching in a Ditch
Satin Stitch Edges
Scant ¼” seams
Top Stitching
Trapunto appliqué
T’ shirt hemming
Wire edges
1/8” seams
¼” seams

Pearls ‘N Piping Foot
Appliqué with Beads
Appliqué over cord (3-D Satin Stitch)
Beaded Bridal Veils
Beaded Satin Stitch Edging
Beaded Edges
Beads (Pre-strung)
Beading (Hand-strung)
Beaded Piping
Beaded Ribbon
Corded Piping
Create Your own Cord
Create your Own Trims
Decorative Cords
Gathering Automatic
Gathering With Thread
Gathering with Beads
Gathering with Cord (heavy fabrics)
Rhinestones (clasped and plastic)
Satin Stitch Multiples
Multiple Rows Of Trim
1/16” Piping
1/8” Piping
1/4” Piping
1/16” Double Piping
1/8” Double Piping
1/4” Double Piping
Large Metallic Cord
Wire (Heavy gauge)
Zippers (Invisible and Standard)

Sequins ‘N Ribbon Foot
Appliqué with Yarn (no stabilizer needed)
Couching With Yarn
Decorative Flat Braids
Elastic 1/8”
Elastic ¼”
Elastic 3/8”
Elastic ½”
Elastic ¾”
elastic (all types) 1” & Up
Monogram with Ribbon
Monogram with Yarn
Monogram with Sequins
Ribbon-Double Needle
Ribbon-Decorative Stitch
Stained Glass Quilting (no ironing)
Ric Rac 1/8”
Ric Rac ¼”
Ric Rac 3/8”
Ric Rac Twisted
Sequins 2mm
Sequins 5mm
Sequins 7mm
Sequins 9.5mm
Stretchable Sequins
Round Elastic

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