Add Monograms to your computer embroidery ability

pack1 fancy circleOne of the most used embroidery fonts are Monograms! Image Makers (formerly Compucon USA) has introduced a new Stitch & Sew ( S&S) software level called S&S Monogrammer. This new Lettering & Editing level can contain from 58 to 60 fonts (35 general purpose fonts were selected by Image Makers and they let you choose 4 (four) Font Packs from their current total of 11 font packs ( available pack styles are Monograms ,FUN , Block, Script, Mock-Meister and Military). All fonts are Hand made, keyboard, Resizable and Editable fonts.
You can view all the Font Packs at this link.  Write down your Font pack choices then order S&S Monogrammer and write in your 4 Font Pack choices in the comment section of the Order form.

Pack2 engravePack3 KK monogram


pack4 vines

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