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Make a Bow Tie embroidery pillow with Embroidery Library

If you are looking for ways to use your embroidery machine, the bow tie pillow is a wonderful and decorative treat for any room.  Embroidery Library has done a brief free tutorial on how to set up and use your embroidery machine to decorate the knot of the bow. I recommend EOS free program to […]

Add Monograms to your computer embroidery ability

One of the most used embroidery fonts are Monograms! Image Makers (formerly Compucon USA) has introduced a new Stitch & Sew ( S&S) software level called S&S Monogrammer. This new Lettering & Editing level can contain from 58 to 60 fonts (35 general purpose fonts were selected by Image Makers and they let you choose […]

Visit Jenny’s Picture and Video Gallery

We invite you to visit Jenny’s Sewing Studio Picture and Video Gallery for a wealth of information , some free ideas and video. Take a look at the free embroidey designs created with the Singer Futura and the Compucon embroidery software. After purchasing a clipart CD of 300,000 clipart it is fun to see what […]

Add new embroidery lettering fonts with Compucon Stitch N Sew

Have you been wanting to expand your embroidery font library? Compucon has an excellent lettering program that offers a font engine and extra fonts for monogram and decorative floral lettering. This is a font engine that allows the user to  shape and edit the letters as they wish. Arc, rotate and add texture, create 2 […]

Hoop it all helps you make larger embroidery designs

Hoop it all has several hoops that will add function to your embroidery machine. Even if you have a small hoop machine I can show you how to plan and execute a long banner design when you only have a 4″ X 4″ hoop. Here are some things to remember. 1. Hoop it all works […]

Embroider a Towel

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has the perfect products to help you embroider a terry towel. Nancy’s Notions has a great video to show you how.  Need the Perfect Placement kit with target stickers and placement templates? Jenny’s has it.. Jenny’s has several ways to help you with lettering. Personalize N Stitch  from Amazing Designs a great lettering […]

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