Use Stitch and Sew to create large designs

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has created 2 free designs to show you the possibilities of  Stitch and Sew auto punch and lettering programs.  The designs are free for you to download.

Each design has been saved in 2 parts for consumers with smaller hoops.  The formats are PES.  and XXX.  You can print off a template of each design with center markings. Tape the papers together to create the perfect layout . Next mark your fabric with the center marks so you are aligned when you embroider the designs.

The first design is a praying angel and verse. The design was created in the Stitch and Sew software.  If you want to make your own creations,  Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers the options separately or as a complete program.  I invite you to  watch  a video on how the auto punch and lettering software works.

The second design is a nursery rhyme. Mary, Mary, quite contrary…! The design was created in the  cross stitch option. Cross stitch works great when you want to auto digitize artwork that is complex. The cross stitch embroidery picks up the small details.

The embroidery designs can be done in 2 hoopings. The easiest way to embroider larger designs is using a “hoop it all” or “Fast Frame”. The Angel verse uses the quilters square and the nursery rhyme uses the super long well.

Enjoy our free designs!

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