Sewing machine bobbins and bobbin thread

There are many bobbins available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. It is essential you pick the right bobbin for your machine. I have been in the sewing machine repair business a long time and checking the bobbin is one of the first things we do. You would be surprised how many use the wrong bobbin.

If you have old bobbins it also might be wise to discard them and replace with a new supply as a bad bobbin can also cause sewing problems. One of the first things we do when repairing a machine is to replace and rewind the bobbin to eliminate that issue. Run your thumb over the top of the bobbin to make sure it is smooth and snag free. To help you restock Jenny’s Sewing Studio is having an anniversery sale and we are offering some great discounts.

Bobbin thread is also a very important product to have on hand and use while embroidering.  Since I am a multi-line dealer I have learned there are different bobbinfill for different machine. The manufactor sets the spects of the machine to a brand of bobbinfill they choose as the best brand for them.  That means the tension will preset to an otpium setting if you use the suggested brand. Jenny’s Sewing Studio has most brands available in spools and prefils.

Here are several links for your bobbin choices:
Brother bobbins
Brother/Baby Lock
older “E” machine take the “L” bobbin and cardboard L
Brother/Baby Lock
newer “B” machines take the “A” bobbin or class 15 
Brother/Baby Lock Bobbin fill – Finishing Touch
Janome is an “A” or class 15 bobbin
Janome Bobbin fill and prefill bobbins
Singer bobbins
Singer Futura 15J and
Futura prefil bobbin are “A”

Sulky bobbin thread for Singer

Juki is a class 15 bobbin

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