Hand surgery a success for Jenny

I had carpal tunnel surgery today. I am looking forward to days when I can sew and crochet without pain and numbness. The pain was getting to the point that I would have stop and rest my hand when I ate and drove so it was time. After about 2 weeks I should be cleared by the doctor to do all sorts of activity with my right hand. Right now it is numb and hurts like the devil. Instructions are to elevate for 4 to 5 days so the swelling goes down. I think I will be wearing my brace for a while until all is healed.

I am so glad I can still use my fingers on my right hands. They are very numb but they work. I got some large vinyl gloves to help me wash dishes and eat without making my bandage dirty. I even have a large cast cover for the shower. There is a lot to think about when you fear losing the ability to work with your dominate hand. The doctor said I was the most prepared patient he had seen, especially when I told him I had loosened all my drink bottle caps before surgery.

I guess this condition is something sewers suffer with. I always prayed God please spare my eyes and my hands. So far God has helped me retain my skills.