Hoop it all helps you make larger embroidery designs

Hoop it all has several hoops that will add function to your embroidery machine. Even if you have a small hoop machine I can show you how to plan and execute a long banner design when you only have a 4″ X 4″ hoop. Here are some things to remember.
1. Hoop it all works on a slide bracket and with sticky paper.  Cut the correct paper size to fit the hoop and remove the release paper topper sheet as you place the sticky paper to the back of your hoop. Mark the center of the hoop by drawing it on the sticky paper with a permanent marker. Mark the design centers on your project using a temporary water soluble marker. Match the center lines up on the sticky paper and position the project to the hoop center marks.  Put the slider bracket on your machine. Next you can slide your hoop to the center of each embroidery with ease. 
2. You need some way to print out a template of each embroidery that fits your stitch out area. I am providing a link to free software that is offered by Compucon Stitch and Sew. You can open your embroidery in the software and print of the templates to mark your fabric with.

Here is a link to the software video and link to the download. Download the software and open the desired embroidery in the software. Watch the video and try the software for yourself. Compucon makes many great options for embroidery.

I have also prepared a video on the Hoop it all .

3. Hoop it all is made for most makes an models of embroidery machine. The hoops are custom made so allow about 2 to 3 weeks delivery time.








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