How to split a large embroidery design

I am sure you have run into the problem of having a really large emroidery and wondered how you could embroider the design  and keep the size as it is. My favorite software for splitting a design is Amazing Design’s Edit N Stitch. The program is easy to use and splitting designs is a snap. I have created a video to show you how. Amazing Designs has also loaded a free trial of the software so you can try before you buy. Check out our video gallery on the main web site.

Once you have viewed the Edit N Stitch software video and the trial you may want to watch our video on the Hoop it all double wide and quilter square hoops. Hoop it all makes your small field embroidery machine able to handle any embroidery size. Buy the triplex and save a lot because you do not duplicate the tables and cables.

Here is a  link to Jenny’s Sewing Studio hoop it all page!

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