2 sessions for Lap Quilting 2020 – 2nd Thursday and 3rd Thursday

Learn to Quilt! Jenny’s Sewing Studio is starting a brand new monthly quilting group for 2020. For the ( Class Full ) 2nd Thursday our first session will be January 9th of every month. We have added an additional session, 3rd Thursday starting January 16th . This group class will take you through the quilting basics. Lap Quilting is a perfect way to learn to quilt. All the class dates are on the page below.

Lap Quilting by “Georgia Bonesteel” is the required book and is available at Amazon and at Thrift Books.com at a reasonable used price.

Once you learn to make your templates you will learn how much fabric you need  and what kind of batting to buy.  Next learn to piece a 4 patch in lesson one.  Each of monthly meetings a special technique or block will be shown. By the end of the year you will have enough blocks pieced, bordered and quilted to create the quilt size you desire. With a lap Quilt you can pick any size quilt to make.

You can bring your sewing machine when it is needed in the session. Machines are available to use on request. Sign up now and get ready for a great 2020! Each session is $5.00. Please enroll in advance.

Session dates for Lap Quilting 2020 are below. I suggest you block off the dates on your calendar for 2020 to keep up with the course material and techniques. If we have a weather event I have your email and can update you on any closures.

2nd Thursday

January 9th 2020 2-4pm

February 13th 2020 2-4pm

March 12th 2020 2-4pm

April 9th 2020 2-4pm

May 14th 2020 2-4pm

June 11th 2020 2-4pm

July 9th 2020 2-4pm

August 13th 2020 2-4pm

September 10th 2020 2-4pm

October 8th 2020 2-4pm

November 12th 2020 2-4pm

December 10th 2020 2-4pm

3rd Thursday dates

January 16th 2020 2-4pm

February 20th 2020 2-4pm

March 19th 2020 2-4pm

April 16th 2020 2-4pm

May 21st 2020 2-4pm

June 18th 2020 2-4pm

July 16th 2020 2-4pm

August 20th 2020 2-4pm

September 17th 2020 2-4pm

October 15th 2020 2-4pm

November 19th 2020 2-4pm

December 17th 2020 2-4pm

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