Machine Embroidery Stabilizer tutorials

Jenny’s Sewing Studio would like to help you find the best stabilizer for your next embroidery project! Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. There is no perfect stabilizer.  Stabilizer is picked to complement the fabric and project you are doing. If you are just beginning you may wish to purchase a sampler package of stabilizers so the right style of stabilizer is on hand when you need it.  The quality of your embroidery depends on it.

2. Recognize the difference between a knit and a woven fabric. These fabric types have there own personalities and stabilizer needs. You will need to keep knits from stretching while you embroider. You will need to keep wovens from puckering.

3. Make sure you know the difference between a topper and a stabilizer. Toppers help hold the nap in position so you can cover the fibers with stitches. Examples are towels, sweaters, velour, and polar fleece . You may need a topper only or a topper and a stabilizer.

4. Know the weight of the finished project you are embroidering. You want to stabilize to the weight of light to medium weight denim when considering stabilizer. Stabilize too much and you can break thread and tear stitches.

5. Consider the weight of the embroidery design. Is it too heavy (dense) for the finished fabric? Make sure you do a sample.

Singer has made several new sewing machine embroidery video’s available on line and all machine owners can benefit from the information. I invite you to watch the stabilizer and set-up video’s. I have also attached a link to our stabilizer tutorial and purchase links! Enjoy your next machine embroidery project and stabilize correctly for the best embroidery results.

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