Mildred’s service at Bethany Lutheran Church

Through the miracle at Facebook I am able to share a link to the service for my mom held March 20th 2020. The Facebook page has been removed. I know the covid 19 virus kept a lot of people home including most of my family. That left a great hole in my heart not to have family members attend or even acknowledge my mom’s passing. She was always there for everyone during her life. I was blessed to have my brother Jim and Carol Kahn by my side. Those of you who attended the service shared the great love and joy of my mother’s life. I want to share that wonderful service with you. If you came, thank you for your sacrifice and faith in God that he will look out for all of us in these trying times.

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends! Thank you to Pastor Kevin Wackett, Ron Linkswiler for the music and Colleen for the singing of the Lord’s Prayer. Also thanks to my friends Lee Schilling for prepping the luncheon, Peggy Hastings for watching mom, Helen Shockley for being there, Faith Willing for reading to my mom in her last hour, Sandy Garner for teaching me to be a better nurse, Cheryl for organizing volunteers, Marlyn, Kay Thompson Schutt, Toby Rubin, Dee Neal, Lisa and Jackie from Lombardi’s for daily support and hugs. If I missed someone I am sorry, it’s been quite a week. One I will never forget.