My Mom Mildred Anna Friedel

I have sad news to share, my mom,  Mildred Anna Friedel, has passed on Tuesday March 17th 2020 and is now with my father Charles Gray Friedel and brother Gerald Friedel in heaven. She was my constant companion and I will miss her every day of my life. We were each other’s shadow. Right now I feel a loss greater than any I have ever known. I see her and hear her everywhere. What I would give to have the last year back again. Here is a picture tribute and a tribute I wrote for my pastor to read at her service.

Bethany Lutheran Church (South ave and Camden Ave in Salisbury, MD.) will be holding a funeral service for my mother on Friday March the 20th 2020. Pastor Kevin Wackett will preside. Visitation with the family will be from 10:00am till 11:00am on Friday. The service will be at 11:00 am. At the service I encourage you to share any favorite memories about mom as pastor encourages tributes.  Since we are dealing with the covid-19 virus pastor is sure there is enough space in the church for us to spread out and enjoy the service at little risk.

I invite all those who wish to spend time with Jennifer and Jim after the service to attend an open house at 1030 South Schumaker Dr. In Salisbury, MD. We will have a lit fare for you to lunch on as you visit. If you were in our lives at Bethany Lutheran, as family, Aqua Care, playing cards and games, Lombardi’s, Dayton’s, Denny’s, or just a good and caring friend, thank you for helping my mother socialize during the past years since my dad passed away. She loved to get out and meet people.

Thank you for your help and prayers during my mother’s time of need. It takes a special person to extend themselves and be available when someone else is in need like mom and I were. One never knows what is around the corner and it gives more joy then most realize to help someone in need. I really want you to know I consider you a friend forever and I hope I can extend myself if you ever have a need. I will be there.

My mother was a special person and she always wanted everyone to love one another. She always had a smile and wanted only to help others. In her last few years several of you helped her socialize by playing games and cards and it was a wonderful thing. Thank you for joining her in that experience. She liked to win but took loss graciously.  I hope to continue games and cards in the future, it was such fun.

If you gave food, flowers, aide, or helped me with her personal needs you were a godsend. I could not have made the journey without you.

All these things are memories I will hold dear. Again thank you,



If you are sick or if you feel uncomfortable attending this small group of friends and family just email me at with your condolences. I wanted to make sure I offered one last party for my mom’s memory.

If you feel you would like to attend RSVP is welcome.

I will have sanity wipes available and will have them at the door.



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