Octihoop comes to Jenny’s Sewing Studio

I used to love to do free motion embroidery. When embroidery machines came along I gave up my free motion artwork for the computer generated designs.

octi_dvdBe one of the first to enjoy Clare Rowley’s latest invention! With this (patent pending) product everyone can embroider anything with any sewing machine! Yes! Even if all you own is a Treadle sewing machine.With these hoops, you will not have to stretch your fabrics between 2 rings. You don’t need to learn software, because there is no software required. You can take an image from a hoop_on_machinecoloring book, clipart or a photo and embroider it on anything from baby socks to dog collars. One of the amazing featues of this hoop is how well it controls the fabric so you don’t need a foot at all for just about every fabric.

Watch several videos on how the Octihoop can be used for perfect machine quilting, free motion embroidery, and even cap embroidery. It is amazing! See how you can print out any clip art and use it as a pattern for embroidery. See how you can do lovely layers of embroidery for a more detailed look than computerized embroidery.

Do not miss the Octihoop. Order yours today.

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