Photo stitch option for the Futura

Photo Stitch option is an exciting tool for the Futura and the Futura Quartet. In fact the demo I am showing works exactly the same way in Stitch N Sew by Compucon so if you would like to achieve photo embroidery you can do so with any embroidery machine and the photo stitch option by Compucon.

I have created a brand new video on Photo Stitch using a few movie star photos I downloaded from the internet. Remember the photo’s are small so the creations can be even more spectular if you have higher resolution.

There are 4 ways to do a photo in photo stitch. You can use a running line like you see in Elizabeth Taylor’s photo. The running fill creats lots of definition and wonderful color.You can create a mono chromatic photo with a satin or rectangular fill as done using Judy Garland.

The last type of photo is a color rectangular and satin. I did a photo of Elvis to create the look and gave it an oval frame.  The photo will probably dictate the type of embroidery you will select. Look for photo’s that are close up’s and that have good definition and contrast.

Photo’s of your pet, your baby, and yourself  are all good subjects. Be creative and have fun. Watch the video for more information.

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