Serger, quilting and embroidery found in a wallet

purse3.jpgJenny has designed a great last minute gift that you can make using simple lettering embroidery, straight stitch quilting and decorative serger overedge using “Blendables” in the upper and lower looper of a 3 thread wide overedge serger. Here are the pictures and the instructions. We used a nice bottomweight like quilted denim or sueded twill with a striped calico lining. On Sunday, Decemeber 16th we will offer a free class on the wallet. All you need to do is sign up to try all our machines. Call us at 410-543-1212. You can also register on line at:

Special note: We will offer this project in our January Embroidery Club for our regular embroidery customers.

Call us at 410-543-1212 to purchase the fabrics in this project or to purchase the blendables. Make sure you see our Sulky demonstrations in March when Sulky will show you other create thread ideas.  See more on how to make this project…..

Try before you buy project ( wallet)

purse2.jpgThis project involves the use of 3 different types of machines and a serger. As a customer you get to try them all with our purse project.

Cut the purse body larger for embroidery and hooping. (19” X 9”) Use the embroidery machine to embroider initials to the lower portion of the purse body.We drew a plastic template of the finished purse size (15” X 7”) and marked the monogram location. You can curve or square of the purse flap.  Draw the new body size on the body using a chalk pencil to size. Cut the body of the purse and lining 15” X 7” (we used brushed twill or quilted denim)Cut the coin zipper pockets 5 ½” X 7” and 7 ½” X 7” purse.jpgQuilt the body and lining using the walking foot if available. Stitch from the lining side using the stripe or use a quilt ruler. Use the straight stitch and matching thread. Do not quilt over the monogram. Edge stitch the body to hold the rest of the lining in position. (Optional on the lower fold up portion of the body) Use decorative thread and write your name on the right side of the quilted pieces. Use some electronic decorative stitches.Insert a zipper between the 2 coin pieces on the 7” edges. Sew the zippered coin pieces into a tube, wrong sides together on the lower edge only and turn. Place the coin zippered tube on the quilt purse and center.  Sew Velcro squares under the top flap and on the top of the fold up before the pocket is formed. Sew the sides and bottom to form an inside pocket.Using the serger and decorative thread, finish the bottom edge. Fold the edge up to wrap the coin purse and baste the side seams. Use decorative thread and the serger to finish the outer edge.  


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