Singer PSW 2.0 software special

If you own the SINGER PSW 2.0 digitizing software you know this is a great software for the price. I have been using this software for years and it is a favorite of mine. The PSW is a professional type software that gives you the flexibility to do great manual digitizing in addition to some automatic features. The editing allows complete contol of the outline, stitch texture, stitch direction, and start and stop points. You can insert color stops and move color sequence. If you want more contol over your digitizing technique, the PSW is for you.

The PSW also write designs to a smart media card for the XL6000/5000. The card writer and smart media card come in the package. Since the PSW is an older software, you will need a serial port connection. We do sell a USB to serial cable. The designs created in the PSW can be saved to all popular formats. You can view a few lessons and a video I have created to get a feel for the software and it’s ability.

There are a few PSW 2.0 still available for purchase at a special price of $749.99. Jenny’s Sewing Studio will also include a CD of instruction with the purchase of the software. ($39.95 value)

Come to the PSW 2.0 hands on seminar in Salisbury, MD December 6th and 7th 2008 and learn how to master the PSW with Jenny. We will cover making lace, cutwork, 3-D designs, editing, lettering and more in the 2 day event.

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