The fox family in the backyard


This Spring my garden shed was invaded by a mama fox. She dug in under the concrete foundation and in the leaves under the wooden floor, on top of the concrete. She has several means to escape and I have a huge dirt pile all over the tools in my back lean-too. I was going to clean up the brush and equipment back there this Spring and had to give it up. The fox is in control. The local dogs went wild with barking. Rice’s Pest Control came out and told me he thought she would not attack me. She was more afraid of me then I was of her. If he trapped her he would have to kill her and the pups. I did not want that.  She has since had 5 pups. Mama has very good control of her litter. They hunt the woods behind my house, my yard, and quite a few neighbor yards at night. I do not have any bunnies this year or moles in the grass. Even the squirrels are quiet. That is a good thing. It has been quite amazing to watch them. I can not get close when they are out or they will run away. It is hard to take pictures with my equipment, The fox really blend into the background. I tried my best to capture a pose.

My garden tractors are in the shed and when I need to start them up the fox are very quiet for a day or 2.   The pups are probably as big as a small dog to medium small dog so I imagine they will move on soon for more hunting. I can hear them under the floor when I am in the shed servicing the mower or looking for paint brushes. If the fox move on then my work begins refilling the shed floor and putting up wire fencing to keep them out. I said why me when the fox first appeared, I figure God must have a special plan to entertain my mom and I.  2 big Canadian geese walked into my front yard the other day honking at a few frisbee golf players from across the street. I threw open the front door and said, no no not here. No more wild life.

I use to go out at night to my parts shed to fill orders but do not do that right now. The Fox are evening creatures.  The Fox family seems like a little too much to run into while crossing the backyard in my night gown and robe.

Ever notice how much nature tries to take over! Weeds, blown branches, insects, squirrels that chew, bunnies that eat our flowers and the pollen. I do love it outside. You can left click on the pictures to see them better and right click to copy and paste them