The yard is calling my name at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

If you are like me, you have spent a lot of time planting flowers and pruning brushes and painting outdoor furniture and cutting grass this Spring.  It was wonderful to just get out of the house and commune with nature. I ran into a few obstacles, like the lawn mower needing service. It was leaking gas. The mower is over 35 years old. My brother says the mower is old and tired but I say it still can run strong, it just needed some tender loving care and a new carburetor. My brother Jim said I was lucky I did not burn down the shed when I tried to start the mower. Since it has been raining so much the grass was demanding it be cut so Jim fixed the mower and I was back in business. I really like cutting grass as long as things go well.

One thing I missed this Spring was my Mom sitting under the umbrella on the back patio watching me work in the yard. She used to worry I would hurt myself and she was always watching to make sure all was OK. She loved the roses and the rhododendron brush in full bloom. I had to include some pictures of this years flowers and last year with mom. Every time I look at these brushes I have wonderful memories of mom and miss her greatly. A lot of times I forget she is gone. Maybe she is smiling down on me now and watching the blooming display.

I have to say my mom would have been entertained at all the neighbors, who I have never seen, working outside. We now have swing sets and gardens and lawn furniture every where. It is fun to see people outside but I liked my quite neighborhood and I imagine things will get quite once the hot weather sets in. ( I hate the hot weather so am not looking forward to that.) I hope you are enjoying your “home” time and can commune with nature too, even if it is just to read a book. I had to spray the yard down with mosquito and bug spray so I could enjoy the patio. Bugs love me.