Auto digitize an embroidery design

hornofplentyartI used 3 different software to digitize the same artwork as an auto punch design. Can you tell the difference?  The first program I tried was Digitize N Stitch by Amazing Designs. For $199.00 this stand alone program did a great job. I have a video at You Tube to show how the Digitize N Stitch works. I have posted the design for you to download and try. The Digitize N Stitch software is free to trial download and try.

cornacopiaartThe second softwareI used to make a cornacopia design I am very familiar with. I used the autopunch option from the Futura. I do have the option in both the Futura and the Amazing Designs program to edit the artwork. The results are out standing.

cornacopiapesartThe 3rd software is the Design Center in PE Design Version 8. I used a trial version of the Brother software to digitize the design although I could not save it. Jenny’s Sewing Studio is becoming a Brother dealer  and we will offer the PE Design lite. This is a pe-designmoderately priced software package for the Brother machine that will digitize, edit and comes with the card reader. I prepared a quick demonstration to show you how the software works to digitize.

PE-Design® Lite
Individuals who only want extensive editing capabilities – or those who want an informative step toward digitizing – will find what they seek in this compact version of Brother’s cutting-edge digitizing software: PE-DESIGN® Lite.




  • Import Embroidery Designs
  • Write Designs to Original Card
  • Realistic Stitch Design Preview
  • Print Design Previews For Use As Placement Templates
  • Lettering and Curving Text
  • Combining Designs
  • Auto-Digitizing
  • Editing
  • Upgradeable to PE-DESIGN® 7.0
Contents Include:
  • USB Card Writer Box
  • CD-Rom
  • 4M Blank Memory Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • Trial version CD for PE-DESIGN® 7.0
Minimum PC Requirements
Computer: IBM PC or compatible computer
Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
Memory: 128MB (512MB or more is recommended)
Hard disk free space: 100MB
Monitor: SVGA (800 x 600), 16 bit color or higher
Port: 1 available USB
CD-ROM drive: Required for installation

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