Quick Snap hoops for machine embroidery

hoopsforquicksnapThe Quick snap hoop is now available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio!  Imagine embroidering items that were previously impossible—baby socks, gloves, oven mitts, finished purses, shirt sleeves, jeans and more—all without ever taking them apart! That was unheard of—until now.

quicksnappocketIntroducing Quick-Snap™, the revolutionary new way to embroider hard-to-hoop, difficult placement areas— fast, easy and accurately. It’s the hottest new item ideal for your multi-needle Brother and Baby Lock.

Here’s a sample of what you can do with the Quick-Snap:

quicksnappursePocket embroidery quick & easy without disassembling the pocket Decorate the entire length of pants without opening a seam Monogram gloves with perfect precision The perfect companion to Magna-Hoop™, Hoop the Un-hoopable! Stitch shirt sleeves, pant legs, gloves, socks, boots, oven mitts, golf club covers, wine bags, children’s wear and more machine compatibility. View a video. Click Here!

We have the quick snap for the Janome and Melco semi professional models and the Quick-Snap for Baby Lock/Brother 6-Needle Machines works for the following models:

Baby Lock BMP8

Baby Lock BMP6

Baby Lock EMP6

Brother PR620

Brother PR600CII

Brother PR600II

Brother PR600

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