Brand new Instructional embroidery videos!

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has created some brand new embroidery video’s for you to view! Take a look! We offer the basics for free but also sell instructional lessons on the software.

The first is our gift to Mother for Mother’s Day. Watch a video on how I created the 3-d flower pin. Embroider the design on  2 layers of  “no show mesh” stabilizer and cut it out to create a free standing flower. Layer the flowers to create a pin. I am going to place my flower on a new purse.  I have embroidered a stunning black and white combination. Design your own. The designs are free  in XXX, PES and FHE .

My next 2 video’s are on the editing program on the Singer Futura. See how to create an applique design in the using the editing option. Watch how I used “stitch to block” to edit a downloaded free design using the Singer Futura software.

I have also written a new video on how to create redwork using the Digitize N Stitch software. Digitize N Stitch has a lot of hidden talents. I hope to show you more as time goes on.  Are you interested in Amazing Designs software? You can test out the various software packages like Personalize N Stitch, Digitize N Stitch and Edit N Stitch using this link.

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