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See ideas and classes on heirloom sewing. Choose the right heirloom sewing accessories and feet and we will also provide a few video links.

Sewing Classes for the holiday season and New Year

Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MD has recently updated the sewing class schedule.  You have to check out the “free demonstrations” available for you. If you would like to stop and see our free demonstrations at Hancock just send an email to . One of the “free” demonstrations is Serger Heirloom sewing and sewing machine […]

Heirloom techniques using your sewing machine

Create your own heirloom masterpiece on your sewing machine. Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MD has created a blog article to show you some ideas using the twin needle, pin tuck foot, decorative stitches and the gathering foot.

Heirloom serging by Jenny

Heirloom serger use is fast and easy. I describe heirloom sewing as the creation of decorative fabric. The panel is made up of creative strips That measure about 2″ to 4 “. Join the strips using entrudeax trim. Make the panels as wide as you need them. I make the decorative panels and then cut out the […]

Decorative stitches are fun

If you do not use decorative stitch you do not know what you are missing. I wanted to “show case” the use of several decorative stitch combination to give you an idea of how the creative combinations create some beautiful borders. It does not matter what kind of sewing machine you have, just think about […]

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