Photo Stitch embroidery option is fun to use

Photo stitch  is available for your Singer Futura as an add on option. Photo stitch is also available by Compucon “Stitch N Sew” as a  embroidery program.  Compucon offers the photo stitch option for any embroidery machine. You can buy a combo software that includes auto punch and Cross stitch or purchase Photo stitch by itself.  The software is so easy to use. Take your photo. It should be an uncluttered close up with a contrasting background. You can decide whether you would like a detailed embroidery in color or a black and white.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has video to show you how the process is done on the Singer Futura.   For the Photo Stitch by Stitch N Sew that works with all embroidery machines, find the video here.  This is   Great gift idea for the holidays.

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