Stitch N Sew Embroidery suite Version 2 is special!

˜Stitch & Sew™ is a complete package containing features and functions only to be found in high-end professional software systems, features that have been designed and incorporated in such way into this user-friendly software which makes working with it really fun and easy!

Jenny’s Sewing Studio now sells the Stitch N Sew embroidery suite. You can also pick any options and add one at a time in either the Digitizing or Lettering to build toward the suite of buy the complete program and save.


See a list of features and see what makes this embroidery software special.

1.  New interface with new icons and interface appearance, while retaining the user-friendly logic and feel.

2. Pan on screen  allows you to quickly scroll on screen without needing to utilize the scroll bars while working with a design .

3. New Print function the function to print a design and information related to it has been strongly empowered by adapting the features and functionality found in professional like packages.

Multiple new features introduced include  :

  • Capability to print an additional sheet that presents the color block analysis of the design, as to providing guidance and help on the sequence in which colors of a design are to be embroidered.
  • A variety of information to print along with the design, such as company logo, frame position, origin/end points, and others.
  • Feature to print a design on multiple pages especially useful when embroidering large design and wanting to have a 100% print out.

4.  Open design preview image when browsing through folder in the Open design dialogue is now available for any kind of stitch format, even if the original file format did not include a thumbnail it is automatically created for preview by the software, by far simplifying the process of browsing to find and open a design.


5. Design formats available to Save  Additional file formats are available in the Save function, providing further capabilities and flexibility when writing file formats, especially allowing to take designs to almost any embroidery machine model existing in the market.

New file formats available to open include ZSK, KSM, Beat900, Melco EXP and Toyota 10o.

6. Machine disk functions the function to read a machine disk  have been included providing full capabilities on working with and exporting to any kind of commercial machine format.

8. New Juki .vdt format  the software now supports reading and writing to the new .vdt format, specially designed for the new type JUKI AMS-E series machine.

9. Repeat design  repeat a design or part of a design as many times you wish, by setting the number of horizontal and vertical repetitions desired, also being able to set a value for distance in between repetitions. Options to horizontally/vertically mirror the repetitions, also to maintain the color sequence of the design repeated (thus minimizing color/thread changes needed), further enhance this special time-consuming feature.

10.  Center design  has been enhanced with further capabilities and options, to be able to set the design to center at center frame (default), center bottom, design start, design end or also any custom point to be set by the user (other point).

11. Design / block info  The Embroidery settings window has now been designed to display important information such as dimensions, number of stitches and colors of the design open, while the same information is also displayed in Select mode for every block or group of blocks selected.

12. Switch between embroidery recipes A great new feature allowing you to edit any block and change its embroidery recipe to any other of the available embroidery recipes. Thus providing powerful flexibility to make a block in one form and then quickly edit to another recipe form, for example switch from running stitch to satin line or from normal fill type to applique . The possibilities are limitless, this is a powerful new editing feature and a true time-saver when digitizing or editing designs.

13.  Move outline in Block edit – ability to move selected block outline in edit separately, further enhancing the capabilities for quick and easy editing.

14.  Move hole outline in Block edit – ability to move the outline of a hole of a block in edit separately, further enhancing the capabilities for quick and easy editing.

15.  Delete hole – option to delete a hole of an object through delete outline

16.  Capability for 45 degree locked movement of the reference line while digitizing, simply by having the Shift button pressed down.

17. Delete stop  an option within the Block list to delete a stop code, thus eliminating a color change between two subsequent blocks.

18. Addition to Stitch edit to grey out stitches after the current selected stitch, making it easier to find the desired point and move through the design.

19. Preview font list  a convenient list of all font styles included, also allowing for preview all characters of a font style.

20.  Bold  ability to make the text in Lettering bold.

21.Width/rotation frame control option within Lettering to define the width of a selected frame while also being able to input the exact desired rotation value.

22. Center frame  for Lettering, centers the frame while in wire-frame mode.

23.  Vertical frame to write text in vertical form in Lettering.

24.New PhotoStitch Running stitch type – a new PhotoStitch fill type has been developed and incorporated into the software, the Running photostitch fill type. This new fill type covers the area of a photo with a running stitch, producing a different and impressive result.

25. PhotoStitch wizard steps  the sequential steps for the wizards were changed in order to accommodate for the newly added functionality and also the new PhotoStitch Running Stitch fill type.

26.  Preview of PhotoStitch results and estimation of stitch count – Step 6 of the PhotoStitch wizard now includes the capability of previewing the result to be generated even before closing the wizard, thus allowing to change values until optimum results are achieved. What is more, the preview is provided at this step along with an estimated number of stitches for the final sew out.

27.  Additions to AutoPunch wizard  such as :

  • Fit to frame option in color reduction step 5.
  • New step  added, to incorporate the variety of embroidery settings requested, to pre-adjust the embroidery result that AutoPunch will generate. Settings added include to choose to have a block filled with either satin or fill stitch, to define its density, stitch angle, underlay, stretch.
  • All these values can of course also be edited afterwards, if one will have the Editing module, from

where the user has the ability to preset.

28.  Preview points “ there are now two steps available for showing stitch points, regular and bold.

29.  RGB color definition an added option when having selected a block or parts of the design and changing color of to it, to define the desired color also by RGB value.

30.  Apply to all – in Stitch colors window choose to apply new color to all blocks/parts sharing this or only to the color instance selected.

New in Embroidery settings window  new settings for further enhanced control have been added to the Embroidery settings window allowing, such as:

31.Auto-outline for text –  whether satin line or running stitch, auto-outline is now available to be applied also to lettering objects.

There are even more feature available.

There are moreSave


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