Hat Hoop news for the Futura

A few weeks ago one of my Futura students recommended the Hat Hoop as a way to embroider hats. I ordered a hoop from hathoop.com . Today while the weather was terrible, I tried the hoop and will show you my test results in a video. The embroidery was not perfect, in fact my placement was way too high. The embroidery needed to be closer to the brim. One of the factors could have been the type of hat I was using, it had a very low profile. High front profile hats are much easier to embroider because they give you more broader embroidery area. I was also not really registering in my brain how my template was placed on the hat. (Senior moment) I should have tried on the hat with the template pinned in place for a true view.  If it was not right, I needed to move the design down in the software, save and reprint a template to pin on and try again. Here is the video!

The hoop works by removing the inside hoop and placing the hat hoop inside the hoop instead. I transferred the notch markings from my inside hoop to the hat hoop.

I hooped sticky paper and then scored the release sheet to prepare the hoop for embroidery. The hat was positioned on the sticky paper using a template and the brim was clamped in place. Carefully pull the hat and hoop on the machine to embroider.

The printed template will give you placement of the design on the hat. I used and awl to punch holes in the template at the center mark and on the cross marks. You can connect the dots for a better view. I draw the cross hairs from the top hoop in permanent ink on the sticky paper.  Align the centering marks on the hat with the drawn marks on the sticky paper.

I have given you  a square 4″ outline embroidery to use with design sizing and placement. The hoop has a 5″ hole so the outline design gives you a 1 inch margin from the edges so you do not strike the hoop and break a needle while embroidering.  When you embroider your hat just skip the 1st color so you do not sew the square.

I am also giving you my monogram embroidery design which you can edit with your own monogram using advanced editing.

Do not forget I carry Peel and Stick which is perfect for stabilizing you hat project. I have already decided I am making everyone a Monogrammed hat for Christmas next year.