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Embroidery to celebrate the royal wedding

To my embroidery friends, I have created some new embroidery for the bride and groom. With the upcoming Royal Wedding all eyes are on England and the event. My first 2 designs are from photo stitch. I used the Compucon Stitch and Sew  photo stitch which is identical to the Singer Futura photo stitch, to create  […]

Multi format convertor from Compucon

If you own an older SINGER XL1000, 100 or a Janome 10000 or an older Brother or Baby Lock embroidery machine, this is something you want to read about. Do you have older embroidery cards that you would like to read to your computer? Sew format, XXX format or PES format and more. A lot […]

Magna-Quilt by Designs in Machine embroidery

Eileen Roche has a great hoop for continuous quilting. The hoop is currently made for Brother and Baby Lock products.  Watch the video on how to use the hoop and you will understand how simple this skill is. Now it is so easy to quilt – every step of the way – with your embroidery […]

Photo stitch option for the Futura

Photo Stitch option is an exciting tool for the Futura and the Futura Quartet. In fact the demo I am showing works exactly the same way in Stitch N Sew by Compucon so if you would like to achieve photo embroidery you can do so with any embroidery machine and the photo stitch option by Compucon. […]

Review Stitch N Sew digitizing with the designer option

Have you ever wished your embroidery software would allow you the flexibilty to created redwork, cutwork, and do manual digitizing on any artwork clip art you have?  The Designer is a great addition to any embroidery software that works with autodigitizing. The Designer from Stitch N Sew offers manual fill, lace, and satin stitch. Also […]

Stitch N Sew Embroidery suite Version 2 is special!

˜Stitch & Sew™ is a complete package containing features and functions only to be found in high-end professional software systems, features that have been designed and incorporated in such way into this user-friendly software which makes working with it really fun and easy! Jenny’s Sewing Studio now sells the Stitch N Sew embroidery suite. You […]

Monograms in machine embroidery

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has several embroidery programs that will produce excellent monogramming.  Monograms make a very special gift, especially for a wedding, the bath or a peice of clothing. Personalize N Stitch from Amazing Designs has a variety of monograms built in. A free demo of the software will let you try the ease of the […]

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